23 Tips On How To Keep Your Boyfriend Interested In You?

It is always desired by all to be loved by someone and to love that person in return. That is the reason two people come together in a relationship. The days seem so new and full of excitement when you are in the phase of knowing each other more and more. But after few months, comes a time when your guy seems to have lost that spark. He is no longer craving for you, as he used to. He is no longer be bewitched by your presence. But is this really his fault? Wait, even mistakenly, do not think of him as a stereotype man and justify what is happening.

How To Keep Your Boyfriend Interested In You?

How To Keep Your Boyfriend Interested In You

With time, we girls take our beloved for granted and treat him in ways that are cliche, already. These create a kind of communication gap and he seems to lose interest in the relationship. If you are one such gal, who wants to keep your bond blooming forever and are looking out for a solution to ‘How to keep your boyfriend interested’, you have landed up on a right page. Here, we are going to give you some practical tips to maintain that crisp in your connection.

1. Be yourself

You are the one whom he was attracted to. So after coming into a relationship, do not change into someone whom he doesn’t know. It is always important to maintain that girl in yourself, who makes your man feel crazily loved.

2. Be a good listener

Men love to have a conversation and be heard, as much as you do. They may not be very expressive or open in sharing their thoughts and issues with you. But they will feel more attached to you if you take interest in their work, personal life, their past. Every person loves to share things with their loved one. You just have to figure out a way to get the conversation right. Remember to listen most of the time. When he is opening up his heart, do not pile him up with your advices and opinions. You are his girlfriend, not mother.

3. Take an interest in him

Show genuine interest in knowing about his likes and dislikes. Once in a while, dress up in his favorite color, take him for his favorite movie and cook some of his favorite dishes. These may not be so appealing to you, but these little gestures will bridge many gaps between the two of you.

4. Be friends with his friends

Occasionally, hang out with his male friends. You may not be so comfortable with the way guys behave among themselves. But try to be tolerant and understanding. Give space to your man, so that he can keep his male instincts boosted. Try to chit-chat with his friends and be good to them. Do not fake. Make them your friends too. Guys love their girlfriend to be bonding with his friends. If his friends come to visit your place, be a good host.

5. Shunt nagging

Do not keep telling him, all the time, what to do and what not to. Let him make his decisions and be the person he is. You may feel that you are just playing your part right by being a caring advisor. But guys do not like to be instructed, all the time. The more you keep nagging, the more your boyfriend will feel that you don’t trust his decisions. It is very important that you do not offend his male dignity.

6. Don’t be a Drama Queen

There is nothing so repelling for any guy as drama. You do not have to complain about each and everything to him. Also, do not make assumptions that he will understand every little thing what you need, and then make a fuss over his inability to grab your hints. It will be better if you be straightforward or give direct hints. Do not beat around the bush and make him confused.

7. Build an emotional intimacy

You cannot build a healthy relationship just on the basis of physical intimacy. You need to be his best support, in the times of crisis. Forgive him for the mistakes he did with good intentions. Trust him as a person and have confidence in his actions. Do not manipulate his emotions. Take a stand for him whenever needed. Remember, criticism is the worst culprit in poisoning a healthy relation. Do not criticize him in front of others. Instead, try to have a subtle conversation and clear the misunderstandings.

8. Appreciate him

Appreciation is a catalyst for every relationship. Praise him for all the things he does for you, and also for the things he does not. Compliment him for cialis prix his new look or help that he offered to another person. Start noticing even the tiniest positive aspects of his personality and keep showing your gratefulness. Of course, do not simply flatter him.

9. Do not talk about your Exes

There is no bigger turn-off for a guy than listening about his girlfriend’s past relationships, all the time. If he asks you something important about the past, then it is advised to be honest to him. But in no way, it is justifiable that you compare him to your ex-boyfriends, for better or worse. However, open minded your boyfriend may be, he will not like to listen to each and every detail about your intimacy with your ex.

10. Do not drain him financially

In today’s modern times, guys are not that dumb to not know your intentions. If you love him truly, you will not take the advantage of his monetary support. Be independent and insist on sharing the costs when you are together. This will sustain your self-respect. At the same time, it will keep your man assured that you do not love him for material gains.

11. Be smart and have a sense of humor

Beauty will attract only for a short period. Being smart and outgoing will get you going forever. Guys love the kind of girls with whom they can have wise conversations and the girls who are in their senses. Keep yourself updated with whatever is going on in the world. Be logical in your behavior towards him and others. Of course, being intelligent never means to be serious. Show your funny side by cracking jokes on yourself or playing pranks on his friends. If he is happy with you, he will be addicted to spending more and more time with you.

12. Have other things in life

Being stuck with your guy will suffocate him after some time. Take up tasks that you are passionate about and have other interesting things to do. Love is essential, but having nothing else to do may make your relationship monotonous. Guys lose attraction towards such girls, in due course of time. If you keep yourself absorbed in your works, he will get time for his interests too. When you meet after that “me time”, you will feel more allured to each other.

13. Dress attractively

The reason that we have kept this point so far is that looking pretty is not the only essential thing in a true relationship. But its importance cannot be suppressed. Dressing for him will keep your bond spiced up. Amaze him with new looks, new haircuts and your updated fashion experiments. Always, keep yourself clean and smell good. A guy is always lured to a pleasant aroma. Every man desires an arm candy which he can flaunt. Knowing that he has the best girl amongst his friends keeps his ego pampered. Also, he will notice the efforts you make to please him and feel valuable.

14. Give massages

After a stressful day, your man will love to be pampered and cared for. Relax him by giving a great body massage. Occasionally, you can also give a manicure or pedicure. In return, you can expect the same favor too. You can make the massage session more interesting by creating a mesmerizing ambiance with scented candles and flowers.

15. Cook with your heart

Since ages, you may have heard that food opens the way to a man’s heart. So invest some of your time and energy in enhancing your culinary skills. Pleasure his taste buds with some delicious hand-cooked dishes. He will be more than happy to have you in his life.

16. Do not get physically active if you are not ready

The extent of physical intimacy depends upon the mutual understanding of two people. You may have many doubts in mind before giving away yourself entirely to him. So do not get involved in a sexual relationship till you are not ready for it, mentally. Do not do anything under pressure because you may end up embarrassing yourself. Give proper time to yourself and your partner prior to any sexual indulgence.

17. Get creative in bed

If you are in a sexual relationship already, then chances are that it might get less exciting with time. So it is always important to satisfy his wildest fantasy in bed. Go shop for some sexy lingerie and choreograph your own little show. Learn some sexy dance moves, lap dance or pole dance. You should be innovative after every few sessions that he will not be able to control the temptation for you. Taking the initiative will always make your guy feel that you want him.

18. Learn the art of seduction

Physical intimacy is not just about having an intercourse. Know the not-so-sexual spots where your boyfriend likes to be touched. Every now and then, give a treat to his senses by touching him in a provocative way. On some days, send him really naughty texts and this will compel him to visualize what he is going to get once he gets back to you. Don’t let him touch you all the time he wants, play a teasing game for some time. This will prevent the charm, between the two of you, from wearing off.

19. Show your deepest affection

Give him a long hug when you or he is leaving for work. These few seconds of silent love will give him a secure feeling that will last whole day. At abrupt times of the day, give him a kiss full of love. Care for his little needs and leave your phone aside when you are with him.

20. Learn to tackle a quarrel

No two persons will have same opinions all the time. So if you and your partner have some differences try to let go. If it needs to be discussed, maintain a calm tone and ask your boyfriend to sit with you and find a solution. Do not fight over petty issues. Also, do not shout and lose your temper. If it is your mistake, learn to accept it. During any argument, do not bring up the past mistakes that were done by him, which are totally irrelevant to the present issue.

21. Be loyal and honest

Be loyal to your guy. Any guy will not like to share his girlfriend with anyone. A healthy relationship is not just about being loyal, but also about being honest. Be honest with him about your feelings and your choices in life. Don’t be afraid of hurting him because an understanding guy will not go away from you for having a different thinking than his own.

22. Respect yourself

Caring for your boyfriend’s feelings does not mean compromising your beliefs and giving up your wishes, every time. Don’t be overly dependent on him and take the responsibility of your own life. If your guy is worth your love, he will never expect you to change in the matters that are logically right. Also, do not give up your male friends for the fear of his dislike. Do not ignore your family members when they need you.

23. Don’t be too available

Do not be available all the time, or rather be a clingy kind of girlfriend. Don’t keep calling him every few hours. All the time, do not be an open book that he can easily know what you are thinking. Little mystery is always required for a healthy bonding. Go on vacations with your friends and let him crave for you for few days. After returning back, you will find him more attracted to you.

To keep your relationship jazzed up forever, it is essential to know few tactics about how to keep your boyfriend interested in you. There is nothing so flattering like having someone to love and getting the same in return. A little understanding and creative gestures will take your relationship to new heights.