Creative And Romantic Ways To Propose Your Girl

A woman’s most treasured moment in life is when she is asked that one question that curves a smile on her face. If you happen to be the man ready to seize that moment to sweep your lady off  her feet, this article serves you best; because we will tell you how to make that moment a little extra special. So, if you are seeking a unique and romantic way to propose, then you must read ahead.

Romantic Ways To Propose A Girl

romantic ways to propose a girl

Marriage Proposals In Full Public View

  • What could be more pristine than proposing your partner in a place that reminds you of your best moments especially where you may have first met or kissed together? There is also a list of such landmark places to choose from, such as parks, hotel rooftops or even that favorite monument where you once posed for a picture together. (P.S. You may not want to give this moment a miss. So, pre-arrange someone to snap that picture of you and your lady love.)
  • Music can certainly add some magic touch to that special moment when you propose your loved one. Arrange mariachi singers to sing a romantic song and hey, you can also ask them if they can include your lady’s name as part of the lyrics.
  • If you are daring enough and are sure your lady would not feel embarrassed, then you can take the proposal to a production where after the regular winding of program, you can propose your fiance after the curtain call. Rest assured that she wouldn’t have seen that coming.
  • Here is one for those humble lovers who still like the outdoors but likes to keep it extra special, you can have street caricaturist sketch a caricature of you and your fiance with those tiny word bubbles with a message indicating a proposal. So ‘will you marry me?’, ‘certainly yes!’ Cheers.
  • The best thing about us humans is, most of us are willing to help a random somebody when they intend to propose their loved one. What great place can be than an aquarium? You can pre-arrange to have the divers display a waterproof board with ‘Will you marry me’ message, imagine that look on your lady. Priceless right?
  • Treasure hunt! It never gets boring, unless your partner is short on patience. You can begin by offering her clues, your unsuspecting fiancee to be will assume it is just one of those usual treasure hunts, let her have a detour though her favorite spots and as she continues to be clueless, at the end of treasure hunting humbly reveal your plot. There you go, mission accomplished!
  • Dance floor is another great place to propose your partner, when you take her out for a DJ night event, in a quick unsuspecting moment ask for a microphone from the DJ and dedicate a song to her and wait, you are not done without popping that question.
  • If you want to notch up the elegance, you should hire a skywriter to spell out the message for your significant other and then… hey honey, what’s that up in the sky? What smashing way to propose, isn’t it?
  • Airing your proposal over the radio station is a prompt way to make her fall for you. On a chilled out morning, call up the local radio station and dedicate a proposal to your fiancee-to-be. Oh, don’t forget to make sure your fiancee is tuned to the same frequency as well.

Proposing Your Lady At Exotic Destination

  • There is literally no place where you are excused from proposing your significant other, here is one fine example of that, plan a vacation, pack bags, get your girl and catch a plane to your destination, except for a little unscheduled detail where you propose to your lady love over the in-flight public address system. Will she accept at 35,000 ft. above? Only one way to find out.
  • While at vacation, you can take your sweetheart for sightseeing and when she is all tired and planning to retire for the day, without hinting her, arrange your hotel room to ignite romance, and then top it off with your proposal. Picture perfect! Isn’t it!
  • If your partner is an outdoorsy person, hire a bike, take her for a ride to a secluded spot in your vacationing destination, a hilltop maybe and in the profound isolation you can make that confession to her.

Marriage Proposal At Home

  • What excellent acheter cialis an idea can be than to propose at the cozy comfort of your home? Here is a romantic way to propose. Time to congregate your friends and have them wear T-shirts, each bearing words of the phrase ‘Will You Marry Me’. Do not reveal this message right away. Have a group picture taken and let her find the message for herself.
  • Take play a different perspective. Using glow in the dark paint, decorate the ceiling in the bedroom with your proposal. When it time to hit the bed, turn off the lights and watch your luminous question light up her smile.
  • Why leave an empty sidewalk alone when you can make it your canvas? Get artistic by chalking your proposal and decorate them to impress her. This one is certainly going to sweep her off the feet. Who doesn’t like it when the person you love has invested efforts to convey the message in dramatic way?
  • More artistic ways to propose, using makeshift props phrase your message on the wall at your home or at the local park. Not perfect enough to impress her? Hire a graffiti artist to have the job done for you. Although, when you do things yourself to impress her, your efforts will always bear a special value than having it done by other hands.
  • Every one of us always have that one favorite room that reminds us of best memories when you step into one; you can decorate that room with gifts, balloons and collection of old photographs of you taken together. When she walks in and turns the lights on, she’ll be ready with an answer for your question.
  • You can keep things in a more interesting perspective if you can light up your house with a trail of candle and when your lady walks by, she will notice the arrangement you made for her, and there is a “yes” waiting for you at the end of the trail. (P.S. make sure you are there waiting for her where the trail ends.)
  • You can try getting a little sneaky with your proposal while your fiancee is sleeping, you can quietly slip an engagement ring on her finger and wait till she wakes up and blushes looking at her discovery. Cheers!
  • Did you know women find it irresistible when their men cook for them? Well, there sure is magic in the way you cook your fiancee’s favorite meal and then propose her promptly over a meal. The food and the question will earn a certain ‘yes!’
  • Here are some simple ways you can propose without losing that sparkle. You can order a custom made jigsaw puzzle of your picture and the message asking her to marry you. When she has almost figured that puzzle, she will lean back while her palms wrap her face in awe but make sure you ask her when she has almost figured out.
  • Attach a lengthy ribbon with small notes written about the best moments of your life together. Let her trail these notes and ribbon to a room in your house where you are waiting for her to pop that one question you have been meticulously planning since weeks.

Tips For You Techies Out There

  • This one is a must do for those techies, create a web page that has the question you have been waiting to pose your partner, leave her the clues to that web page by mentioning the address, once she accesses the web page she will be surprised what you have done just for her. You will be surprised to know how your tech skills can help you earn a fiancee.
  • Another simple yet romantic way to propose over gadgets are, make a recording of the message asking your partner to marry you and save them onto her iTunes playlist and let it be the first song she hears when she plays it. These are some of the unexpected ways you can pop that question to your lady.

Who Knew You Could Propose Over A Meal

  • While ordering food at her favorite restaurant, ask the waiter to bring along the ring stashed in the tray as a surprise. Once she notices, get down on your knees and ask her that question.
  • You can also try hiding the ring carefully in the gift basket and present it to her as she explores the contents of the box with yummy treats she will also be surprised to notice a carefully packaged box with the ring, but wait she may not yet know until she has finished unwrapping it entirely and Shazam! There is a ring! She will be awestruck, seize the moment and before the excitement settles, ask her that question.
  • You can also surprise her with the pastries. Without raising suspicion, head over to the local pastry and order a cake and have it customized with phrases “Will You Marry Me” and then take your fiancee window shopping and then as she notices the cake, she is dazed and wondering if it’s for her, assure her and positively attest her doubts by asking her again. (P.S. Don’t forget to take home the cake)

Did You Know You Can Also Propose At Work?

  • The number of ways you can propose your partner is unending. Here is how you can keep the matters on an interesting sphere. Sneak into your partner’s workplace before she arrives and decorate her desk with the message asking her to marry and stay hidden. She will be surprised when you show up unexpectedly waiting for her. Oh, and don’t forget the ring.
  • Here’s how you pull off a slick proposal in winter, when your partner is preparing to leave for work, humbly offer her to have the ice removed from the hood and windows of her car; instead get artistic and scrape your proposal on the ice.
  • At your fiancee’s workplace, you can form accomplices with her colleagues to help you pull off a sweet surprise and order a meeting at the end of the day. When the day is winding up, take them all to a pre-arranged location to unleash the surprise proposal.

It Takes A Special Photograph to Capture Your Proposal

  • Tell your partner you have ordered a photo shoot and get dressed for the session and in the middle of the photo shoot kneel and pop that question. You will not just surprise her, but also manage to capture the moment you can treasure a lifetime.
  • Take your partner to a pre-arranged spot where you have carefully placed a photographer out of sight and while you propose capture those unsuspecting moments and have them treasured.

Teaser Turned Real

  • This trick works best when you have a history of being playful with your partner pranking her often. You can fake a situation asking your partner for the details of her ring size and while she cringes thinking you have ruined a perfect surprise, pull out the ring and ask her if it fits her fine and watch her light up with that special smile while you smirk off.
  • You can hide the ring carefully in a cereal box or a kinder egg and then offer her generously while she unwraps the casing she will be surprised. One perfect moment achieved successfully.
  • You can also try enacting a scene from a famous romantic scene where the actors propose in a very special way and find out how pleased your partner is to your romantic gesture, a yes is certainly around the corner.

There are plenty more ways you can propose your significant other it is a matter of your ability to express and above all your love for your partner that counts to make that perfect proposal.