Gentleman’s Advice Corner: How To Attract A Girl?

So, you are a young big boy now but have not been in a relationship yet. You are still single and like a girl very much but do not know the art of attracting her. Being single in today’s world is like being cursed. If someone is single by their choice, it’s okay but if you are behind in this attracting and dating race, the time has come to face some truths and be ready to win this race. Do not get tensed, it’s not so tough that you think. Polite behavior and respectable attitude are all enough to win a girl’s heart. This article on how to attract a girl will surely help you out.

How To Attract A Girl?

How To Attract A Girl

Step 1: Be Awesome

Try To Be Confident And Self Esteemed

What attract a girl are the confidence and the right attitude of a boy. Girls fall for those guys who are confident and means what they say. Engage yourself in those things only that make you feel confident; do not take anything for the sake of impressing her, it will land you in trouble only. Also, there are several ways to build your confidence. You can achieve it by volunteering with an NGO or old age homes. The make a difference attitude is really important to attract any sensible girl today. You can also improve your confidence by learning some new skills, new language or by giving classes to underprivileged or by helping the deprived ones.

Try To Be Mature

Girls like mature boys, not the big brat boys, so try to be mature and disciplined. In college or school days, it is cool to be a brat but after that girls don’t even look that those kinds of boys. If you still think that consuming twenty shots in an hour is good to impress someone, you are wrong. It might impress your boys and make you a man, but girls won’t give a shit to these things.

Try To Be You And No Comparison

Don’t pretend what you are not. Be real and be you. While impressing someone don’t forget yourself, also, if a girl is good enough to be your choice then, let her choose you for what you are, not for what you can be. So, don’t change your nature. In addition, do not compare yourself with anyone because this is not going to help you. This won’t make you feel better rather you would end in losing your confidence. Acting like someone else to impress her will land you in trouble because girls are great at noticing. Also, never ever compare her to anyone else or to anyone’s girlfriend; people especially girls find it very offending.

Care For Yourself

Girls like those boys who care for themselves too. Take care of your personal hygiene and your wardrobe. Take bath regularly; wash your hair and clothes daily. Why would a girls waste her time on you if you do not like yourself to take care of your hygiene? So, wear only that clothes that has no holes or stains and brush your teeth. Wearing good clothes doesn’t mean branded only, good clothes refer to that ones that fit you well and suit you. Do not put more gel in your gel because they should not look so wet and rock hard. Use deodorants and sprays too.

Don’t Be From Old School

Today girls don’t want close minded people. They love to be with them who are open, frank and most importantly give respect and welcome nod to new and evolving things. It takes time for a girl or a woman to trust someone but if you behave like a mindless old idiot, it will take no time for her to leave you. Also, women don’t like men who are misogynist and pass sexist comments.

Try To Be An Achiever

Girls like ambitious men, men who work hard to achieve something in life. Making money is not always important; the important thing is how much you are putting your efforts in it. Women find it hot when men are passionate about their aim, so if you are motivated and have goals to reach higher, your personal life will soon take off.

Try To Be Approachable

Some attitude is good, but you should not look like always angry kind of or upset, douche. If you seem like that, a girl would never want to talk to you. Being friendly is not so hard; keep a quiet, simple smile on your face always and make yourself easy to talk to by.

Try To Be Have A Learning Attitude

Do not try to be over smart, but you can try to be smart. So, always be like a learner, find unique things or get to know new things. Be curious and knowledgeable; be a kind of person who is hard working and always helpful. Read books and try to come true your dream or passion. A passionate guy is always liked by girls.

Step 2: Be Caring

Try To Be Caring

Girls like caring boys or rather say, men. So, become men, take responsibilities and get her heart on her knees for you. Caring is the best thing to impress girls, show her that you are interested in her, and things that bother her bothers you too. Take care of her favorite things and people, show respect and concern towards her issues.

Respect Her  

Respect your girl; show her that you not only respect her but her decisions too. Give her space to put her choice and privileges. Respect includes listening and suggesting too. Listen to her and never hesitate to put your point if you find her wrong at any place. Girls like persons who ping them and make them realize what is wrong or what is right. However, don’t try to pour your choices over them.

Spend Quality Time With Her

This is different from being on date, spend time with her means give your time to her. Give her the power to ask you for anything without hesitation, try to make her feel comfortable with you and become open with her. Also, talk about her interests, her family; introduce her to your family and hobbies. Don’t hesitate to tell her your weak sides and at the same time show her your strong points.

Try To Find Things That Are Common In Between You And Her

Yes, talk to her about her interests and hobbies, her favorite book and movies. Try to connect them to yours. Show her that something is common in between you and her; you are more like her and find her interesting. Get a common topic to talk about and discuss. This the great way to know each other.

Try To Be A Cool Buddy First

Never approach a girl directly with your heart or ready to marry me attitude. First try to be her good friend. Show her that she will be happy with your company and also show her that you enjoy her so much. Listen to her and help her in solving her problems and issues. Try to be always there for her, like any best friend.

 Always Give Her Compliments

Compliment is the thing that everyone loves, especially girls. So, compliment her genuinely. Compliment her not only for her looks and appearance but compliment and praise her on her achievements too. Giving compliments assure a girl that you are paying attention to her.

Take Her On Real Outing

Always ask her for a date or an outing. A date proves a milestone in a relationship; so, get her on sober dates not that type of dates where only alcohol and sex have their place. A real date sends out a signal of commitment. Try to know her and make her know yourself, meet her friends and introduce her to your friends. These are the signs that signal you are interested in long-term relationship.

Do Not Behave Like A Creep

Showing interest in someone is good but never show her that you are too desperate to be her. Interest and desperateness have a very thin line in between, so maintain that and giver her space too. Also, do not stare at her and certain parts of her body; this will make her comfortable. Always avoid physical contact at the initial age. Girls like things that slowly happen, so be patient. Your creepiness always makes you less attractive.

Try To Be On Time Always

Girls like boys who value time and never come late. So, take care of this thing and always show her up on time. Also, never cancel a date because of some lame excuses; try to show her that she is always your first priority. And if she is late, do not scream at her; be patient and gradually she will surely understand if your choice is sensible enough.

Try To Be A Gentlemen

Opening a door for her and letting her walk ahead of you, these gestures will sure make her happy. Also, girls love to wear her special one’s clothes, so offer her your jacket or shirt when she feels cold.

Try To Break The Touch Barrier

Break the touch barrier doesn’t mean that go and hold her directly. First make tender gestures and also get to know about her feelings too, what is thinks. Once you get confirmation about her, reach out to her. Tender touches make the relation more meaningful and intimate. Go step by step; start with gentle hugs while meeting or saying goodbye. If she responds positively, get ready for an amazing relationship. If she holds your hand, it is the signal that she is so into you and wants you in her life.

Things That Women Secretly Judge In A Man

To impress a girl is not less than clearing a tough interview. There are some small things that every woman admires in her man. She wants her guy to be perfect, and that’s why a woman judges a man too. Here, we are giving some of those points for your help, take a look and give your best shot; so that she can’t point a single mistake or imperfection in you.

–    The Color Of Your Belt And The Shoes

Yes, it is really important to have the same color of your belt and shoes. It is not only important for impressing someone; it’s important for your job interview too. It’s a great blunder for a woman, and she can’t tolerate this. For her, there is something really wrong with your sense of dressing.

–    Your Hygiene, Especially Your Nails

As mentioned earlier, a woman really appreciates a man who finds himself good enough to take care. It is really disgusting for a girl to see a guy with black goop under his nails and they find nothing wrong in being judgmental.

–    The Way You Handshake

Yes, it is also being judged by girls. Do not ever do a hand or bone-crushing handshake. A firm handshake is good but please do not hurt them.

–    Your Clothes

Do not wear crushed clothes; this will make you careless and less attractive before her. Ensure that your clothes are pressed, and you are presentable enough.

–    Your Beard

Yes, your beard plays a great role in impressing a girl. Most of the girls like clean shaved guys or well-trimmed guys; so, pick up a trimmer or be ready to attract her.

–    Your Way And Attitude

If you think that you are superior, and servants and drivers are meant to be ill-treated, forget to have a girl in your life. Yes, you are reading right; girls do not like boys who do not know how to respect someone or respect their profession. So, stop looking down at someone because of his/her profession or caste and color. Do not be rude and loud at anyone.

–    Your Talks

Your talks matter a lot. If you love to talk only about yourself, there is no surprise if you lose your girl. Do not always start your ‘I am my favorite’ topic.

–    The Way You Eat

What you like to eat open mouth? Sorry, then girls are not for you, go for someone else. Chewing with open mouth is the worst scene anyone wants to see.