How To Deal With A Break Up?

Break up comes with pain, sadness and anger. No matter how long your relationship lasted, break up leaves you heartbroken. A relationship adviser and therapist Belisa Vranich says that technology makes it more difficult to deal with a breakup. Facebook and twitter remind you of your ex like anything, and it gets way more tough for you to move on or to get over by it. Ending a relationship is not an easy task as it leaves a real effect on your body and mind.

How To Deal With A Break Up

If you are going through a breakup, it is very important for you to know how to deal with a break up? I have listed some of the most effective and tricky way to cope up with this kind of split stress.

Things to remember:

  • Do not take the blame on yourself that you are bad that is why everything happened. Try to take it in a more mature way because you are not the only one who is dealing with it.
  • Try to find your happiness in other things. Make sure you do not create this mindset that only relationships can make you happy.
  • Nothing lasts forever and so does your pain. Do not forget that this day and time will also pass soon like other days.
  • It is very much okay to feel sad and disheartened. Be very sure how you express your feelings at this stage of your life.
  • Cut all the contacts with your ex otherwise you will not be able to move on.
  • Try to take it in a positive manner and learn from it. You can spend quality time with your family and friends now.

It is said that may be physically men are stronger than women, but when it comes to emotions, they are a weaker sex. Guys tend to be emotional, but they never show or process their feelings because from childhood they have been taught that expressing or showing your emotions is a sign of weakness. As they hate showing their emotional side, they do not know how to deal with the break up in a healthy way. Due to this they result in choosing the way of anger. It turns out to be a negative effect on their life.

On the other hand, break up hurts man’s ego also. When a woman ends a relationship, the man feels like getting dumped, and his sense of self-worth drops like anything. To deal with this emotional wreck, here are some tips that you can try to stay cool and positive.

No Harm In Acting Sorrowful:

It happens mostly with men that they ignore their emotional side because of which they start feeling more miserable. A relationship expert Susie Collins says that it is important for you to let yourself feel. If you do not do so, the thoughts of your ex will rule and even ruin your life. It is better to give yourself some time and take it all out from your mind. Giving your thoughts some space can make you heal from this pain faster.

No Strings Attached:

Whether it is your ex Facebook account or Twitter account, delete everything including his/her phone number. These social networking sites are very dangerous in situations like these. It can also pull you back in the negative zone, even if you are trying hard to overcome from it. By doing this, you will get some mental peace, and you will start thinking less about him/her. Make sure you are not starting feeling worse about yourself. If yes, then you are giving your ex a justification that he/she is right, and you are wrong.

Enjoy Your Freedom:

Staying single is the best method to overcome this situation. It is a human tendency that whenever he/she is going through a tough task, they want someone to be there with them. The feeling of getting into a relationship starts tempting you after a breakup. It is not because you are ready for it, you just need someone to forget your ex.

Make sure you do not allow yourself to do this thing. It will not be correct on your part because you will be using some other person just to overcome from your heartbreak. It will be better to stay single. Enjoy your free time with your family and friends.

Stay Busy:

The best companion for the people who deal with the heartbreaks is alcohol. Instead of choosing the path of turning into an alcoholic, try to focus on your work. By doing so, you will stay busy and develop as a great human being. Get involved in your hobbies. It must have happened to you that you have had your eyes on some new activities, but never got time for it. Try giving time to all those activities. You can also plan a long trip or an adventurous trip with your close friends or family to divert your mind.

Mingle With People:

Making new friends or talking to some old friends on random topics can help you in a good way. A relationship adviser Collins suggested that it is not compulsory to have a ton of friends with whom you can share your feelings. If you have one or two true friends who are there for you at this phase of your life, then you can improve quickly your psychological state of mind.

It is better to control the situation well in advance so that it will not reach the stage of the breakup. I have listed out some causes of relationship breakup:

Mental and Physical Abuse:

It is termed as the major factor that leads to a breakup. It happened due to the sadistic attitude of anyone of the partners that has not showed up before marriage or after a long time in a relationship. There are very rare chances of such relationships to work in the long run.


In other words, you can also call it a betrayal. In this, the other half gets attracted to another person of opposite gender. It happens when one person loses interest in another or does not give enough time to each other. It can also be termed as communication gap between two people, both emotionally and physically. Make sure you communicate with each other and spend enough time together.

Infidelity and Cheating:

Infidelity is that condition in which one gets attracted to another married or unmarried person. After some time, this attraction develops and deepens with intimacy. If it does not get noticed by anyone, it can end up in infedility. It can also go on for a long time that results in destruction like a breakup or even divorce.


It happens when the partner is less sympathetic than the other one. They speak bad words to their partner in front of everyone without realizing anything. The targeted partner thinks that he/she is not good for anything and take it to his or her heart. It happens when the other person shows off a lot in front of people to make them realize that he/she is superior to his/her partner. The targeted partners sentiments and dignity gets hurt. He/she starts separating himself/herself from the person. Make sure you respect your partner everywhere and give him/her enough amount of love that he/she truly deserves.


This one is also another example to keep his/her partner beck and call. It is that attitude problem where the targeted partner has to bear the other partner’s complaints, fault finding, sarcastic remarks, and criticisms. Respect and feelings for another partner are absent in this. This tendency of nagging is mostly found in women than men. It is done by the partner to increase the level of living standard of his/her partner. Nagging is a part of improving the personality and choices of one person, according to his/her needs. It leads to irritation and detachment. After all this, the person gets frustrated and ask for the breakup. I just want to say that nobody is perfect, and we all have some imperfections. Do not troublesome your partner according to your standards. Accept him/her the way he/she is and live a happy life ever after.


The feeling of jealousy can cause high devastation in the relationship. The partner starts thinking that he or she is not getting enough attention that he/she deserves. Your partner can also think that you have started giving attention to some other person that is why you are ignoring him/her. This type of feeling leads to a breakup. Make sure you spend time with your partner to make him/her special and worthy in your life. Try different ways to woo your partner and give him/her all the respect and love.


Trust is one of the most important phenomena to carry forward a relationship. Once the trust is broken, there will be a crack in your relationship. If you are lying to your partner in a way, you are cheating on him/her. Constant lying attitude can ruin your relationship like anything, and you may end up dealing with a breakup. It is advised to be real with your partner.


In every relationship quarrels and arguments are very common but make sure that it will not lead to separation. Frequent fights happen when a person fails to understand one another. It can also happen due to some third person. Some types of arguments go out of control that leads to throwing things at each other, shouting at each other and abusing each other. Try to compromise as much as possible if you value your relationship more than your ego.


It happens when a person loves money more than his/her partner. Before marriage, only one person takes the care of spending money for all outings as well as for all the purchases. In this situation, the financial matters are taken by one person, and it is not shared. To keep your relationship going, it is very vital to spend some amount of money on your partner by gifting him/her something. By this way, he/she feels surprised and worthy in your life. In marriage life also it is very important to discuss and plan the financial matters together. Otherwise, it will lead to breakup or crack in the relationship.


When you start comparing your partner with others, this situation arises. It makes the targeted partner feel insecure about his/her looks and personality that leads to developing an inferiority complex. He/she tries to match the standards of another person that changes the personality of his/her real self. Make sure you accept your partner, the way he/she is. By comparing him/her with others, you are making your partner realize that he/she is not up to your standards, and you deserve better. To have a happy and healthy relationship, love your partner and compliment him/her timely.

So, these were some tips and causes on how to deal with a break up? I would like to add that if you take it in a good way or positive way, you can learn a lot from this situation of your life. It can make you stronger and can even help you with personal growth.

Make sure you set new expectations and goals for your future relationships. Wait for your emotions to cool down instead of doing something that you will regret later. It may feel that the world has come to an end, or there is nothing left in your life, but try to focus on some important things in your life. Work on improving yourself in a better way. If you succeed in doing this, surely you can move yourself out of this pain with dignity and pride.