How To Find True Love?

Love is one of the most awesome feelings in the world. You will start loving everything around you if you are in love. Most of the people think that they have master love if they are in a relationship, but it is not true with most of the cases. Many people ask the same question how to find true love? To find true love you need to understand what is true love and also what you need to do before finding your real love.

how to find true love

Even in movies or televisions, no theme is more popular than love. Soap serials are filled with romantic love, even the romantic songs are on the hit list. Basically for everyone love is all that matters. To understand anything you first need to know what is true or real love. Sometimes you think it is real love but it can be an infatuation.

Infatuation Vs True Love:

If it is not real, it is termed as infatuation. Infatuation is just the likeness for someone which stays only for some time and also goes quite unexpectedly. On the other hand, real love is committed and unselfish love. It stays for a longer time and sometimes even for the lifetime. If you will know the difference between the love and infatuation, it will save you from making a lifelong mistake.

Every year most of the couples get into relationships and promise to stay together for the rest of their lives. For some, the marriage will turn out to be the most beautiful experience ever and for the other half, it will be a disaster. In few years, they discover that they just cannot live with that person and cannot just stand living together.

It is very important for the couples to understand that whether it is an infatuation or love. If the marriage is based on infatuation, it will not last as infatuation is equal to false love. I have listed out some questions which will definitely help you in the long run.

  1. What is the major attraction?

Infatuation: If you are infatuated, you will be more interested in the physical beauty of the other person. You will get attracted towards the lovely figure and pretty face, but trust me looks can be illusory. Looks do not tell everything about the person that how he/she from inside. We can also say that looks can be termed as wrapping around the gift box. We all know that beauty does not last forever, which means your infatuation will also do not last forever.

True Love: In this, you will be interested in the total personality of the person. Physical attraction will be the breathtaking element in this but not the only thing. It will be the one from many things that attract you towards that person.

  1. How many things about that person attract you?

Infatuation: In infatuation, the person gets attracted to the things that are appealing to them and trust me it will be very few in number. For example,  a guy may be obsessed with the sexy walk of the girl or the way she smiles.

True Love: In true love, there are so many things which attract you towards that person. We all have a variety of attitudes, character traits  and interests. If you truly love that person you must have observed so many qualities in him/her and also find it attractive. It is very important for a successful marriage because when the excitement of being happily married wears off, the only thing that works is the common interests. It will help you in keeping your marriage alive and well.

  1. How Did It Start?

Infatuation: The first thing you will notice about the infatuation is that it starts fast. Believe me that there is nothing which can be termed as love at first sight, you can call it as infatuation at first sight. Most of the movies and even love songs show that the lovers meet in a crowded room and look into each other eyes and they understand that they are just made for each other. You can call it infatuation but not love for sure.

True Love: Love is a slow process. There is no shortcut for it. You need to know that person to love him/her truly. It takes a lot of time to understand and to love that person in a real sense. Make sure that a long courtship is far better than the short one. The more time you will take, the stronger will be your bond. This is the basic statistics of this subject but nowadays young people just do not wait for even one year. They just jump on the conclusions that they love him/her or not. Some even get married in the rush which later on proves a bad experience for them. In my opinion, do not rush into the marriage and take your time otherwise you will regret it for the lifetime.

  1. How Consistent Is Your Interest?

Infatuation: In this case, your interest will keep on fluctuating. Sometimes it blows hot and another moment it is cold. The reason behind this is that your interest developed so fast that the roots are still thin or week. In other words, your relationship can also be termed as shallow.

True Love: In real  love your feelings remain tender and warm instead of cold and hot. The feelings remain consistent and you will enjoy talking to that person and hearing him/her. True love takes its own sweet time, but the roots will grow very deep.

  1. How Does It Affect Your Personality?

Infatuation: It will create a disorganizing effect on your personality. It will make you less responsible and less efficient. You create a dreamy world around you and you walk around it. For example, a girl who says that she knows about his faults but nothing really matters as they love each other a lot. You will find it shocking, but it is termed as infatuated. If this girl marries the same guy, she will surely find out all such things and at that time it will matter a lot to her. As a result, it will lead to fights and also separations sometimes.

True Love: In love, the person will bring out all the best qualities in you and try to make you a better person. For example, a guy in love with a girl says that he loves her, not only because she is pretty or wonderful, but she is an encouragement to him to improve himself and become a better person. In true love, you prepare and plan everything about your successful marriage by keeping all the important things in mind.

  1. What Does Distance Do?

Infatuation: The best test of love is separation. Time and distance will bury your relationship somewhere, if you are infatuated. It is very true because if you are infatuated you will most likely to be attracted to the physical beauty of the person. After some time, a live or real person who stays close to you will become more interesting and appealing to you than your sweetheart who lives away from you.

True Love: In this the absence increases the intensity of love. It makes your heart grow fonder for the one you love. It will simply survive the test of distance and time. If you really love a person it is rooted in the total personality of the person and not only the physical equipment. The quality time you spend together will definitely cause your personality to grow together.

You seem to be missing a part of you, when you are separated. No matter how much attractive the person is, he/she will not be able to make a place in your heart. You will become sad and anxious. You will keep on thinking about your love and also imagine that what will happen when both of you will meet each other? The thought of the person you love will make you excited. You will accept the separation in a good way and hoping to meet your love soon. If it is an infatuation it will not survive. It will be good for you to find about it soon before it is too late.

I have listed some points which you need to master before you invite the real love into your life:

First on building a good relationship with yourself and then focus on finding a partner: If you want anything in your life, first you need to love yourself. Build a loving and trusting relationship with yourself. Make a positive self image of yourself as it will lead to the road of happiness, joy and opportunity in life. Keep checking with yourself that how you treat yourself and how you hold yourself back.

Replace Anxiety with faith:

People who do not find true love or real love, get into anxiety and start believing that they will never find the real love. They should remember to have trust in the divine timing of god. Good things happen to those who believe in it. If you will keep feeling disgraceful about you, your mind will start giving negative force which as a result will increase the fear. Also you would not be able to speak to yourself properly. Make sure you train yourself to be positive and expecting good things in life.

Believe That You Deserve To Be Loved:

The most common fear that many people deal with is the fear of not being good enough and also not being worthy to get love. It is the one way where people lose their self-confidence and lead to low self-esteem. If you believe that you are not worthy to get love, just think why anyone else would think like that? You should stop harming yourself and your thoughts and have a limiting belief then only you would be able to find true love.

Learn To Receive The Amount Of Love Offered To You: 

Some people always expect more from the ones they love. Be happy that people love you and show them that they make your life lovely. If you keep on complaining, it will show your weak side. Make sure you put an empowering statement for your dear ones.

Do Not Set A Checklist For Your Ideal Partner: 

Most of the people prepare an image of their ideal partner in front of their eyes. Wanting an ideal partner is good but behaving too stubborn about your checklist can give you trouble. As they say, love is blind. It just happens and most of the times it happens that you fall in love with that person who is quite opposite to your checklist. If you keep on thinking about your checklist, it will show that you have a narrow perception of the world. Accept that person who shows love and care to you and you can respect and trust him/her for anything.

You may not get the exact qualitites you wanted in your ideal partner but if he/she is making effort for you, that means you are worth it. Nobody is perfect so do not pictureize a perfect princess or a dreamy boy and try to keep it real.

Do Not Let The Past Relationships Affect You: 

Sometimes you build a benefit of doubt in front of you. You start giving or getting confusing signals. Due to your past experiences you keep on doubting the person and thinks that he/she is not trustworthy. You start over-analyzing everything which ruins your relationship. Try to find the good qualities in the person and everything will work well. Make sure you do not think about your previous bad experiences and also do not compare this person with your past. If you have any kind of doubt, try to solve it face to face rather than keep on think to yourself. Keep it simple and real.

Honest And Effective Communicator: 

It happens that you show your true side only with some people. You cannot be a good communicator in front of some and can communicate comfortably in front of others. It happens as you feel more comfortable in front of some individuals. If you want a real love, make sure to remain honest and an effective communicator. Communication is the root of any relationship. The more you communicate, the more you will get to know each other. Communication builds trust. Avoid silence communication and hiding anything to that person who will be your real or true love.

Good Role Models: 

Role models play a great role in your life. We all learn observing them and learning good things from them. You can admire some good relationships and learn from them. It will give you positive energy and make you realize some few important things about love. When you try observing some respected couples, you will how they behave and how they speak to one another. The way of showing love to one another. By this, you will also get to know the kind of relationships that work and what you need to do to find your true love. Also, if you find it, what you should do to keep it a healthy and trustworthy relationship.

Now you understood that finding true love is not a piece of cake or a challenge, it needs a perfect time. So, these were some things which will definitely guide you about how to find true love? Do not forget that time is your best friend and it will find the real or true love for you. Take time, plenty of time before coming on the conclusions especially if you are thinking about a lifetime commitment of marriage.