Why Do Men Lie And Cheat?

Some men cheat because they are irresponsible and entitled and can justify it and feel OK about it. There isn’t a lot of complexity to it. Our society makes it more OK for men to cheat than women (women who sleep around are often labeled “sluts” or “whores, while” men who sleep around are “studs” or “players.”) But then, irresponsible and selfish women cheat, too. It doesn’t matter why; it comes down to a lack of ethics. There are lots of opportunities for most committed partners to cheat and plenty of reasons they use to justify. But those couples who are genuinely committed simply choose not to, regardless of their internal justifications. It is that simple.

As most marriage counselors would know, navigating through the relationship history of troubled couples lives, it would often reveal that men are to be pointed at, when it comes to lying to their partners and cheating them. Not that I vouch there aren’t instances where women have cheated upon their men. But based on the facts and figures, it suggests it is often men than women who cheat. In an independent study conducted it was revealed 70% of married men have been tempted or have shown tendency to cheat on their partners. But Why Do Men Lie and Cheat?

To best answer this question, it is important to understand the male mentality. So, what does a man think about the relationship? Taking a look at evolutionary pattern, it is suggestive piece of evidence that a male species would often want to mate many females in order to maintain the successful assertion and domination in the pack; this was a sexual strategy that once existed. Irrespective of this being the influence of a present-day man or not, the fact interpreted suggest that men would cheat, because of their sexual dominance to that of a woman and cheating is a form of sexual strategy to assert his dominance and to best understand this, then it is important to know the biological differences that separate the man from a woman.

why do men lie and cheat

Why Men Cheat More?

A man is more capable of deceiving more because of his opportunistic nature and would cheat with a much less attractive looking woman than his current partner.

He would often place high regards towards physical intimacy, unlike a woman who connects with her partner emotionally.

He would often show willingness to have a one night stand when he finds an opportunity while a woman is willing to have an emotional affair. This ability to indulge in risky behavior is what makes a man a better cheater than a woman by nature.

Men who cheat are less likely to leave his partner after cheating while women usually end their current relationship with their spouse after cheating them because they are emotionally involved with the partner.

Most important detail that separates the man’s mentality  from that of a woman are, he is more likely to cheat again if he finds an opportunity than a woman.

So now we know what separates a man from a woman when it comes to the biological distinctiveness.

But Are All Men  Cheaters?

No, not all men cheat their partners. Most couple however still enjoy the monogamous nature of their relationship and have shown willingness to love their spouses. Men have shown authentic participation in anchoring their relationship firmly. These are further reinforced by placing values on family and children. Some boyfriends too are hesitant to cheat on their girlfriends because they genuinely care for them emotionally. Hence, we concur that when there is a firm emotional balance in a relationship, it can form the reason for bonding and giving fewer reasons to stray.

But Then There Are Some Men Who Cheat For Entirely Different Reason

According to research my M. Gary Neuman who surveyed 200 cheating and non-cheating husbands found out that most of them regret or wish they had not cheated with their partners.

Here are the details of his survey,

Emotional Disconnection

It was found that 48% of men rated emotional discontent being the reason for them cheating on their spouses. Only 8% reported they were sexually dissatisfied.  So this was contradictory to the usual notion about men being creatures driven by sex. “Our culture tells us that all men need to be happy is sex,” Neuman says. So  men’s emotions are sometimes overlooked, but the fact remains that men are emotional species too they need some reassurances from their spouse from time to time, because men do not openly expect to be comforted when in distress. They are capable of not publicly displaying their emotions, unlike a woman who can sometimes feel needy.

Guilt From Extramarital Affair

From Neuman’s research, it was also known that 66% of men felt the guilt of having been in an extramarital affair. They showed feelings of regret having been in affair, Most of them accounted never believed they would be cheating on their spouses. So it isn’t always the  men who are habitual cheaters who cheat on their partners, but also those who have suffered an emotional disconnect with their spouse too have known to cheat.

Men Cheat Because They Are Weaklings

Girlfriends with men who are emotionally weak may want to pay attention to them. So if you have a boyfriend who is emotionally more insecure watch out for girls hounding your guy despite being aware that he is in a relationship. They may try to draw his attention towards them by doing things that impress him. If he is weak and insecure, then he may lean over and take the bait, this is because most men like themselves to be seen as the center of a woman’s world. Hence, if he is made to feel special by someone else, he may feel you are not doing enough to make him special, and he may instead trail where he receives what he wants.  So, it is a wise to think if you must take risks by dating an emotionally weaker man.

Knowing His Parents Allow You To Make A Prediction If He Is A Cheat

Understanding a guy’s background can reveal the details of his true intentions. If a man is brought up in the family where the parents have been involved in cheating, then he may be encouraged to do the same. But this may not always hold true. But the fact remains that most guys who have cheated have had some form of relation with the members who have been involved in cheating. It can be a family member or a friend. Hence, pay attention to your guy’s past; if he had a history of cheating with girlfriends, then he is bound to continue the same and cannot be stopped, because he knows he can get away with it after having cheated.

Guys Who Date Insecure Girls Can Sometimes Indulge In Scandalous Affairs

So yes it is true, some men, if not all, having girlfriends who are extremely possessive can show tendencies to stray while being in relationships, this can be further made worse by jealousy, clinginess, anger. These can strain the relationship and in the desperation to break free can make guys cheat on their girlfriends. So, always remind yourself not to push your boyfriends and husbands to a state of emotional lockdown. Guys do not favor being restricted and would prefer to have a certain freedom and to want some time for themselves.

Other Crazy Reasons A Guy Strays

Sometimes the list of excuses can be so maddening they may never have a justification. Here are some popular excuses,

I Was Unsure If You Were The Right Person For Me

There are men who try everything before they judge. Unfortunately, they even try relationships too.

I Am To Be Scared Of Being Committed

Men who are cowards would often express interest to love and then when they are asked if they can stay committed they would want to move on.

It Was Just Sex

Men who cheat for sex often see women as objects that can be used and then disposed as per convenience hence, when they indulge in sex with their partner they do not value them emotionally and it is just an instrument of entertainment, so they want to do it with more women.

Being A One Man-One Woman Thing Isn’t For Some Men

They are just not devoted and exclusive to their partners. Hence, they almost often fantasize being with many.

But is he a better liar?

Lying is one of the fundamental human nature. A relationship often strains because of the smaller doubts, insecurities, fears that swells out of bounds and consumes a person’s mind like slow poison by overwhelming them with maddening thoughts that destroys the fulfillment in a relationship. Suddenly, the relationship you once enjoyed are being invaded by the need to validate before confirming, often wanting to prove the truthiness of their justification, but this doesn’t mean that a woman is always clingy, weak, fragile or insecure. She plays a greater role in reinforcing a relationship. But often, manifested by thoughts if their men are loyal and honest they can sometimes make their fear their great weakness. It can add needless burden on their relationship. So that brings us to the discussion why men lie?

Being in a relationship can never be straightforward, sometimes it can suffer contradictions and entanglements. It is an indispensable truth that couples are never completely honest when in a relationship. Sometimes the answer to simple questions like where they are, when being asked can sometimes be a lie, but that doesn’t mean the relationship is entirely a lie and you must certainly not be agitated when says harmless excuses, because these are white lies that suggest your guy desires some time for himself.

Here are some reasons why your men lie,

Men Lie When TheY Do Not WANT To Hurt You

Sometimes when a girl projects herself as a sensitive person who can be easily upset by simple things it can cause concern for their men, this may cause him to think naturally, means to prevent a breakdown. Such as words of reassurance that she always wants him to say, hence getting him accustomed to using the same excuse frequently may want him to say it every time just to make sure you do not get hurt. He may not say it because he means it, but just to save the drama that can unfold if he didn’t.

They Want To Save Themselves From The Drama THAT UNFOLDS 

We humans tend to make life easier for us.  Hence, it is obvious for him to not wanting to deal with your tears especially if you make it a habit to get agitated for simple reasons. Thus, he thinks if this is a harmless way to keep you calm then he would not mind lying. Why not feed the baby to make it stop crying, isn’t it?

They Just Want To Impress You By Flattering You

In sheer desperation to make their ladies feel special, men have the tendency to want to impress woman they are in a relationship by flattering, while it may not be out of honesty it is driven by the feeling that he isn’t doing enough to impress her.  This behavior is common among men who are insecure about themselves. Hence, to be truthful, it is important for the men to be firm about themselves and when they feel that their honest self is valued by their partner, and then there is no need to lie.

Some Lie Because They Cheat

It is apparent that when a man cheats, he lies too. The typical signs men who have affairs despite being in a relationship are giving excuses too often, they would not want to spend much time with their spouses and would prefer staying away for a number of reasons. You may want to pay attention if your husband arrives home late, does not let you answer his phone calls. Sometimes cheating spouses and boyfriends deny even when they are confronted with evidence.  Those men who cheat, lie because they are often constrained by the restrictions imposed on them by the monogamous relationship and would desire to have sexual relationship with many women.