17 Tips On How To Keep Your Man Happy?

The Happy relation is something where both of you are happy and comfortable. Both you and your man should enjoy the relation. You have received many surprises and nice things from your man that make you smile and feel blissful. Have you ever wondered how to keep your man happy? If your answer is no, then you should give it a try. Read the article to know simple and easy tricks that make him happy.

How To Keep Your Man Happy?

How To Keep Your Man Happy

You might have got a lot of good or bad advice on this. But before picking any of these, you must know respecting your man or husband is the key. At times, simple romantic gestures of yours make him more than happy. Keeping him engaged all the time with you may make him feel bored at times, he might need a break.

1. Give Him Some Space

Although if your man is heel-over-head crazy for you and like spending a lot of time with you, but he needs some space. He needs some time to himself don’t make him stay with you all the 24 hours forcefully.
•    Allow him to spend some time with his friends, or spend his time however he likes.
•    Make your plans, now you have a chance to pursue your own interests and ideas outside the relationship.
•    Every now and then giving the required space to each other makes your time spending together worthy one. You both will enjoy and appreciate each other this way.

2. Discuss The Issues

Instead of accumulating the issues and rocketing at once, discuss the issue with him. Sit together with your man to sort out the problems. Have a calm session of discussion and figure out the reasons behind this.
•    Your man will appreciate this behavior instead of you screaming at him for once down the road. Instead, he will tend to listen if you have a discussion and take your opinion on board rather opposing it.
•    Allow him to speak and voice the issues if any. Do not miss or ignore his concerns. He will feel happy about the relation with you if his words and opinions are valued.

3. Love And Appreciation

Today’s husbands and boyfriends are pretty romantic. They buy you flowers, prepare your dinner and give you a nice massage when feeling tired. Now ladies it is your time, to give something back.
•    When you witness anything small or big done by your man, acknowledge it without fail. Further, appreciate him for doing and let him know how helpful it was.
•    If your man does something nice for you, give him a hug and kiss him and tell him that you love him. Knowing that you are happy will make him happy.

4. Relationship Is Two-Way

Yes, a relationship is two way just making him happy and if you stay unhappy then this does not work.
•    If you are putting all your effort and receive nothing from the other end is of no use. Think yourself is the relationship worth it.
•    There are chances if your relationship is happy and something is bothering you and making unhappy. Fix the issue at the earliest as your man can sense your unhappiness and feel disappointed especially if he cannot do anything about that.

5. Make Him Feel Secured – Be Honest

Being honest in the relationship pays you back. No relationship stays long on the basis of lies. It is a boomerang and will come back to you to bite you.
•    Tell your man honestly about the basic things like where you are going and whom you are about to meet and how are you feeling. You cannot expect him being honest if you are not bothering to show him courtesy.
•    Even if he is not comfortable with the truth, the fact that you are honest and truthful make him happy and he will feel secured. Further, he knows that he can trust you. Trust is the building block of a relationship.
6. Compliment Your Man
Men also love compliments as women. Don’t be stingy in praising and appreciating his good deeds.
•    You are impressed with some deeds of your man then don’t keep it with you tell him make him happy. Don’t assume your man knows.
•    If his attire is impressive, tell him he looks great in the suit or tell him you are impressed with his project. Appreciate his taste, by telling him you have a good taste in choosing the interiors your bedroom is amazing. A true compliment from you will take him on the cloud nine.
•    Men like receiving compliments in the presence of friends and family. Appreciating in front of others will boost their ego. Try doing this.

7. Do Not Make Him Jealous

It is quite natural for you to make him feel jealous especially when you are upset or angry with him.
•    Remember doing this always have a negative impact on him. Your man or boyfriend may feel hurt, angry and betrayed. This directly impacts the relationship affecting trust in you.
•    Think two ways, if you were in his shoes and have made some mistake, you would want to him to hear and give you another chance. Now it is your turn to give him a chance.

8. Being His Supporting System

Nobody is perfect, including your man. All have both positive and negative traits. Don’t complain or criticize him when he’s let down. Be his support system and boost him up and take this as an opportunity to let him know how you take care of him.
•    If your man had a bad day at work or had an argument with a family member or feeling low speak to him gently and try understanding his situation. Make him feel comfortable find out if he prefers staying alone or talking to you.
•    Remind him of the reasons why you feel he is great, and the reason you chose him out of the lot. Boost his confidence and make him feel better this make him feel grateful towards you.

9. Respect Your Man

Your man expects you to respect him, in the same way you expect him to respect you. Don’t disrespect him or put him down always. It is not the way to treat the most important in your life.
•    Allow him to feel like a man and ask him to do little things for you and let him know you need him always.
•    Depend on him for few things that make him feel good and boost his ego.
•    Taking his help will not make you less strong woman, it just means that you are a part of a reciprocal and equal relationship.

10. Doing Something Nice For Him – Give Him A Massage

Men are no less than kids; they need to be frequently pampered. Make your evening free for him and give him a nice relaxing massage.
•    Pick a day when your man feels extremely tired and stressed, set up everything for massage. Keep some candles and light music along with the massage. You can also keep something that makes him feel better.
•    Ask your man to undress and lie on the bed with face down, and then start your magic. Gently press his neck, back and shoulders except the spine. You can also try doing full body massage is you are adventurous.
•    Be liberal in spending your time with him. Try to keep the massage for 15 to 20 minutes so that he feels completely relaxed. Be cautious, all that contact may feel your man relaxed and turn on.

11. Cooking His Favorite Dish

The way to man’s heart is through stomach spoke the truth. Men love food specially prepared by his better half.
•    You can win his heart by picking recipe of his favorite dish or take it from his mother. Prepare the dish in the evening when he cannot expect it. Make this an occasion set the table, with a good bottle of wine. Recreate the scene of a best restaurant.
•    This is a trick of 50s housewife when you are replicating her behavior, make sure you have kept he hot meal ready on the table as soon as he arrives home. Cooking a nice meal for him is a good thing to do.
•    If you are a bad cook, don’t try doing until you improve. Alternatively, you can order his favorite dish from outside and serve in your style. Or you can take him to his favorite restaurant and treat him.

12. Doing Something Spontaneous

If you are part of a long-term relationship, you will follow the same routine as practice. Skip the routine and make something spontaneous and different instead of the usual ones.
•    You can do something like booking a concert or planning date nights, rock climbing, taking out for an art exhibition or organizing a wine tasting session. You can keep it simple by hosting games night with some couples.
•    If you are daring and adventurous make something like joining skydive, take a road trip or whale-watching trip. But make sure you have all the details beforehand so that your man is not stressed on that day.

13. Make Your Man Feel Lucky

Look great! Steal his sight. Make him feel he is lucky to have graceful and charmful woman like you. Inspire the people around you and wherever you go. He will be thankful to the woman who can take the whole world with her.
Things You Must Concentrate On Your Appearance
Take some pride in looking good for your man and make him happy. You should show him that you are feeling pride as his wife or girlfriend.
•    We all have passed those days when we are very lazy and careless about our appearance. Packing ourselves in pajamas, with no makeup and hair scraped back. But, now give it a thought and make an effort to impress your man by your dress sense. Make him feel happy by dressing good and appearing good for no reason. He will appreciate your effort.
•    You can also keep doing few things, you did it initially may be your hairstyle, waxing your legs regularly and keep your weight under check. Keep yourself the girl whom he fell in love with.

14. Special Gestures

Making some gestures out of the box, make your man happy. Men get bored and tend to take things for granted. Making special gestures and be nice to him and keep him curious and interested.

15. Don’t Forget To Enjoy As A Kid

As years pass on, you tend to forget the inner child you as you take the role of mother. Instead of getting annoyed or feeling jealous when he acts like a kid, join your man and enjoy.

16. Get Into His Arms When You Are Hurt

When you are feeling down and helpless walk to your man and have a word and get into his arms and hold him tight. He will be overwhelmed and happy to love you and take your side and will be excited with happiness.

17. Take lead In the Bed

Without making reference to sex, no discussion regarding keeping the man happy will be complete. However, most men like lady taking charge in the bedroom.
•    Taking lead means different in different relationship. Simply initiating sex would be all in few cases.
•    Giving him a freebie, at least once in a week expecting nothing in return, actually gift for him.
•    Being intimate is important for a healthy and happy relationship. This brings you closer and gives an opportunity to express yourselves in a personal way.
Finally, now you know how to make your man happy. However, happiness is not external being happy from inside is vital to keep the relationship happy. Both of you should put a conscious effort to make each other happy indeed keeping the relationship happy. This article gives you awesome tips to keep your man happy.