20 Tips: How To Find A Girlfriend?

You are most probably reading this because you want to get a girl friend. Numerous tips on how to find a girlfriend can be found all over the net. Their combined results can be effective. So, here is a collection of what all you need to do to get a girl for yourself.

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How To Find A Girlfriend?

How To Find A Girlfriend

1. Dress Up

Being a well dressed person is one of the most important things that one should be in order to get a partner from the opposite sex. No girl will like to be with a messy person, unless she herself is quite messy. Take the time to understand which clothing suits you, and which do not. Exposing your body more than a limit is not recommended. When much of it is exposed, a girl will not be comfortable in your presence. Further, learn to groom yourself well. Being clean is also important. Make efforts to keep your body and your belongings clean and odorless. Men tend to ignore their hygiene, but it matters a lot to their women folks.

2. Be confident

Women get attracted easily towards men who are confident. So, be confident about yourself and your abilities. If you do not have this attribute by nature, try to develop it. Investing your time in reading books on self-esteem is recommended to boost your confidence levels. Your talks, your thinking, your posture, your dressing, your friends circle and everything else counts in confidence building. Girls will love to befriend you if you are highly confident, because this quality is an expression of one’s manliness. It is said, “Fake it till you make it.” So act confident, until you really become confident.

3. Smell nice

Men who smell nice are appealing to women; while unpleasant smelling ones can make them really uncomfortable. Therefore, for finding a girl friend for you, it is important to smell nice. Take regular showers, brush your teeth, clean your tongue, and wear your deodorant and a touch of cologne. If you wear shoes, spray deodorant on your socks and change your socks regularly. Make sure that you are not overdoing the deodorant and cologne.

4. Be helpful

It is natural for anyone to like and admire a good person. One of the expressions of goodness in a person is his helpfulness. Always be ready to extend your helping hand to someone who is in need. Be thoughtful about others needs too. Do this, not just to show off to your girl, but develop this nature within yourself. You will become a likeable person for girls.

5. Be trustable

Be a person who can be trusted upon by girls. Never lie to them. A look at your face can tell them whether you are a liar or not. When you feel that a girl needs you, be supportive to her. Never speak bad things about her other friends or just about any other people. And never ignore your girl friend when you are with new people. Another important thing is to confess to your girl if you have done anything wrong.

6. Be a gentleman

Girls seek gentlemen when it comes to boyfriends as well as life partners. Most women, they say about 68% of them like to be treated with respect and care. So, become a man. Treat girls with respect, never say out anything bad about them, love your mother, care for your female siblings, let the female folks ahead if you are in a queue, open the door for a girl, etc. There are quite a lot of admirable things do girls find in gentlemen. Do practice those. Those are simple and easy to follow, but make great impressions on girls. These days, men forget to behave as gentlemen. But this is what girls want from them. Be one of the few gentlemen out there. Women are curious, receptive and attentive to gentlemen.

7. Raise your value

Women are secretly attracted to men who are beyond their reach. This is the reason why celebrities have a huge pool of female fans. So, in order to impress a girl, you have to be a star in at least one single niche. You must provide her with something that she can be attracted to. You need not start with something that you don’t know at all. You can simply heighten the areas where you surpass the rest. So, find out your talents and highlight them. Girls will start adoring and admiring you.

8. Be unique

Girls like guys who are unique. They get bored with stereo types. Let your sense of dressing, way of speaking, or something else be unique in their eyes. Attitudes like “I don’t care what others think”, make you a unique person. Laugh when you feel like laughing. Don’t lock your feeling up. Always bear in mind that only you can be you! No one else can. So, stay true to yourself!

9. Be a good listener

All men whom women finalize to settle down with usually have one thing in common: they are good listeners. Good listeners make women feel special. So, concentrate more on her feelings than on yours. This will help you become a better listener. Sometimes, you put a lot into impressing a girl that end up becoming a person uninterested in their interests. Stop bragging about your accomplishments. Instead, concentrate on what she is about. Let her speak. This way you can stand out from the self-obsessed guys out there. When you put up questions, and actually listen to what she is saying, she will feel connected to you. She will want your company.

10. Be ambitious

It is important to be ambitious. Women like a man to earn money. Here we are not talking about those women who make inordinate emphasis on moneymaking. It is about the real women one of whom you would like to make a life partner for you. So, it is not all about how much you are earning. It is about your goals and dreams. You need to be passionate about your career. Women feel attracted to men who are motivated to reach higher. Complacency with a job with no further expanding horizons will render you an unmotivated individual, whom most women won’t prefer in their lives.

11. A man who is respected by others

It is a well-established fact that women want their men to respect them. But do you know that they want their men to be respected by others too? So, become a man whom others respect. If someone is not respecting you, and it is not because of your fault, walk away from them. Else, stand up and claim the respect that you deserve from them. In case if someone disrespects you and it is your own fault, try to get better with them.

12. Do not be desperate

A big mistake that guys make while trying to get a girl is that they get desperate. All their thinking gets concentrated on how to find a girl friend. Desperation can make things worse. When you are desperate, you make numerous compromises; start feeling miserable; act awkwardly; and pretend to be someone else. When a girl senses that you are desperate, she starts stamping you as an insecure person. So, she starts getting away from you. This will be recurring with any girl whom you meet. So, avoid getting desperate. Say to yourself “I will get the right girl for me at the right time”. This will help you to some extent.

13. Go to places where you can find lot of single girls

For you to find a girl friend you have to get to know some girls, and girls have to get to know about you. Mostly guys find their girls at schools and colleges. Apart from these places, churches, libraries, etc are also good places to find a girl for you.

14. Join a social group

Joining a social group paves way for having some common activities with many singles. This will also help you in breaking your shyness and in developing your communication skills. You will be equipped to get along and cope up with people better. After you start interacting easily with others, it would be easy for you to ask someone out.

15. Develop your conversation skills

There are quite a lot to know in this regard. Do not ask questions, which will get just the yes or no type of replies. Instead, your questions should be something that would generate a conversation. Ask things like “how is your day going?” or “Where would you like to visit this summer?” Ask something that would bring the flow. Never take up a negative or weird topic. Also, ensure that you are not asking too many questions, as this may sound as an interrogation. Listen when she talks; and show your interest in her opinions by asking relevant questions when she is done.

16. Develop a sense of humor

Women are attracted to men who have a good sense of humor, and can make them happy. Studies have found that the female gender appreciates humor than the males. The humor sense in you sends a message to the girls that you are a witty and positive person. This in turn establishes a feel of comfort and trust on you. So, try to develop this sense of humor in you. Reading good informative books, articles and blogs in this niche will enable you to look at the funny side of situations. This will be one of the most rewarding aspects that you would be cultivating for yourself.

17. Befriend her friends

When you have decided upon the right girl for you, start making friends with her friends. Girls tend to listen more to what their friends say. So, if her friends appreciate and approve you, your chance of getting her will be higher. Make sure that they know whom you are targeting among them. Else, it may results in confusions, or even tragedies at the worst.

18. Ask her opinion

Girls love to be a valued part of their beloveds. So never force a girl for anything. It is a sign of a dominating, or simply bad boy friend of husband. Whenever you need to make an important decision concerning your life, ask your girl’s opinion. She will be happy that you considered her opinion before heading ahead.

19. Let her know that you are seeing her as more than a friend

If the girl whom you like does not know that she is more than a friend to you, how can you expect her to see you that way? So, communicate your feelings to her. You can use your body language by making more eye contacts with her; smile at her often; make a sparkle whenever you see her; and so on. You can even give her compliments and keep showing your attention on her. If any of these doesn’t work in sending her the message, just talk to her about it either in person or via a mail.

Now, do not hesitate or be shy to ask her out. Girls love bold guys. Go ahead, be manly. You can begin by saying a simple hi, then extend the conversation to a movie or some interesting event that is coming up, and finally ask her if she is willing to go with you there. It is that simple. Make sure that you look good and smell nice when you approach her.

20. Be ready to commit

Once you find the right girl, you should be ready to commit with her. It is possible that you have made a good impression on someone, but she is still assuming that you are not interested at all. May be you are too smooth and gentle that you are inadvertently sending a signal that you are not ready to commit. So, no smart and sane women will pursue you.

Unknowingly men tend to give out fine hints that say that they are interested and are ready to make commitments. But, many a time miscommunication and misunderstanding of the hints can happen. She may get a wrong signal that you are not ready, and so back off. So, be careful of sending her mixed signals. Let your words be true to your feelings. Let her get a clear hint that you would like to commit with her.