How To Start A Conversation With A Girl?

Have you ever found yourself falling for any girl? Have you ever had a crush on someone? I can bet your answer will be a big YES. Every guy, at least once in his lifetime, had been through a situation when he had attracted to some girl. But maximum number of times he may not have had enough guts to go to her and convert their feelings into words. There may be many reasons behind this, for example, she was too scary, or she was a devil, or if you had talked to her, she would have eaten you up completely. I know these cannot be the reasons, but at least in your mind you have got some similar thoughts, that have stopped you from approaching her. And if you think that this is only your story, then you are totally wrong. The majority of the people are not able to gather the courage to tell their girl how much they love her. The reason behind this can be the hesitation, nervousness or whatever you want to call it. But don’t worry; we have some unbeatable tips and tricks for you that will help you in getting your girl.

Also, there is a saying-‘First impression is the last impression’, so it is important that you make a long lasting impression on her. Because, whatever you say at the beginning of your conversation decides that it is a make it or break it pick up for you. But how to start a conversation with a girl? Read the article and get to know about it.

Different Methods Of Starting A Conversation With A Girl

how to start a conversation with a girl

There are various stages or methods of starting a conversation with a girl. But every method depends on the current status of friendship between you and your girl. Let us look at each method one by one:

A Casual Conversation

If you have just seen your dream girl and got struck by a cupid, there may be chances that you will lose all your senses and desperately want to go and talk to her. But this is the time; you have to control your emotions because even a single wrong step may shatter your heart and your dreams of getting that girl. Then what is the solution to this problem? The answer is; you must start talking to her casually. Let’s look at some of the ways you can start a casual conversation with her.

1. Begin With Introducing Each Other

This is the best way to start a conversation with a strange girl. You can approach the girl with a sweet and friendly smile on your face and saying hello. Following hello, you can go by telling your name and also ask for hers. Keep the conversation sweet, simple and straight. Whatever you do, it should be polite and genuine. You can go like this:

• In some situations, go for a straightforward introduction. E.g. “Hi, I’m _____, what’s your name?”
• Or if you are in a bar, you can offer her to buy a drink, E.g. “Hi, my name is ______, Can I buy you a drink?”

2. Ask About Her

You can also start a conversation by asking her about the day or how she is feeling. These are the nice ways to start a casual conversation politely. Moreover, it makes a good impression and shows that genuinely you are interested in her and also willing to listen. You can go for some of the following statements when it comes to asking about her:

• Very famous dialog from the TV series Friends-“How are you doing?” can never fail. But only asking is not enough, make sure you listen to her reply, as it is not supposed to be a rhetorical one.
• You can also go like this-“How was your day today? Did you do anything fun?” This is an open-ended question, which will prompt her to give a long answer. It is the right opportunity for you to show off your great listening skills. Girls love those guys who listen to them properly without interruption.

3. Talk About The Weather

Talking about the weather is one topic for which you cannot go wrong, and it is also a harmless observation. Do comment about how rainy/windy/sunny the weather is. Doing so will give a topic that is safe to play with. If once she responds to the question, you can continue your conversation to the topics that are more engaging. You can try out these options:

• Rather than going for a statement, turn it into a question. You can go like this-“How beautiful the day is today, isn’t it?” or “I hope it may rain today, what you say?” Asking such questions will give her the chance to respond, which can be carried over to more interesting topics.
• But if you feel that asking about the weather is not your way, you can try for some more safe topics, in which you feel comfortable. For example, if you are in a bar or a hotel, you can try commenting about its ambiance, or you can say -“The bar has unexpectedly very few people, isn’t it?”

4. Ask Questions About Her Work Or Class

It is great if you can find some common grounds to talk to. For example, you can go for some thoughtful questions about her work or class that can help you continue your conversations. You can try the following tips if you want to go for such conversations:

• If you two are in same class, you have a lot to discuss. You can ask her what she thinks about the class, subjects or even about the professors. You can ask her-“Have you checked the electives for the next semester? Have you given a thought as which elective you are going to choose?”, or
• If you are working at the same place, you can ask her about the work or some interesting projects she is working on right now.

5. Talk About The Pop Culture

It is one of the cleverest and non-personal ways to know about someone’s personal interests. You can go by finding of what kind of music or movies a girl likes. This way you can gain a basic idea about the type of person she is and also about her interests. All these things can be too valuable for your coming dates. You can try these questions:
• If you want to know about movies, you can ask-“Have you seen the Fast & Furious 7? I heard it was fantastic!!”
• For music, you can ask her-“Have you heard Taylor Swift’s new album? Did you like it?”
• Or for television shows, you can go for-“Do you watch Game of Thrones? Who is your favorite character in the show?”

6. Talk About An Upcoming Event

It can be too exciting to talk about some upcoming event of music, exam or a festival. This will create a rapport between you two and also gives an opportunity to the girl to know how much you too have in common. For example,

• If you are talking about music, you can mention an upcoming music festival and say something like-“Are you going to the Adam Levine’s concert the next weekend?”
• If you are having a conversation about the same exam or a class, you could say-“I am not able to understand even a single word of psychology. Can you help?”
• If it is about some holiday, go like this-“I am too excited for the Christmas next week. What are your plans?”

A Friendly Conversation

You can go for a friendly conversation once you have started knowing each other more. It will help you in knowing about each other more. You can go for the following tips to start a friendly conversation with her.

1. Share Your Experiences

Sharing some of the best experiences of life may be an interesting conversation. Talk about some of the craziest things you have done till now and also try know from her. These will help you in establishing a personal connection between you two and can be beginning of the special bond.

• If you both have worked on some volunteer projects, you could say-“I thought it was a remunerative experience. What was the special thing for you that kept you involved in the project?”
• If you both love some adventurous sports, you can share about the same and also can discuss the various places where you can go for that adventure sport.

2. Talk About Your Common Friend

You can also talk about any of your common friends. Doing so will help you draw the personal connection between you two, even if she is totally new to you. If you both have a common friend, you have a lot of things to talk about. You can try these ways to start a conversation about a common friend.

• You can say-“I have heard that you and James are very good friends. How do you know him?”
• Or you can go like this also-“Oh! So you know Adams. We are very old friends. He is an awesome person, isn’t he?”

3. Ask Some Interesting Question

If you ask a girl an unusual question, this will help in breaking the ice between you two and also allow her to speak her mind. It will allow the girl to express her thoughts and feelings and at the same time you will get a chance to impress her more for asking such questions. Some of the unusual questions that you may ask are:

• You can try like-“If today is your last day, what all things you would like to do?”
• Or something like-“Would you ever consider going for scuba diving?”
• Or maybe-“If you can become invisible for a day, what would you do?”

4. Ask If You Two Have Any Shared Interest

This is one of the best things that can happen to you. If you two have shared interest, then it is like a conversational gold and will be extremely helpful in establishing a close bond with the girl. It does not make any difference, what shared interest you have. It can be running, reading, rock-climbing or rowing, what matters most is that at least there is something that you two share. Now what to do in such condition? Let’s look at some tips:

• If you both discover that you like reading, you could ask about her favorite author, genre, or what she thinks about the recent film adaption of both of yours favorite novel.
• If dancing is your shared interest, you can ask her about the dance type she likes the most, or any favorite songs she loves to dance on.
• If your shared interest is a quirky one, you can ask her about how she got into this and then you can compare your stories with her.

5. Go For A Personal Question

You have to be very careful while going for this step. Never ask a personal question unless you are sure that the bond between you and the girl is strong enough, and you can go for such questions. Do not forget that your aim here is not to make her feel uncomfortable but to know more about her. Thus, do not ask such things that you wouldn’t feel comfortable answering them. So, play it safe. Remember to follow these tips while going for some personal questions.

• You can start asking about her family, start with something normal like-“How many brothers, and sisters you have?” or “How many members are there in your family?”
• If you are too curious and want to know her relationship status, you can ask-“Hey! Are you seeing anybody right now?”
• Always remember, keep all the personal questions positive! Never ask about her biggest secrets or greatest fears, but you may ask for her plans or where she wants to see herself in the next ten years. Keep it light-hearted.

Time For Flirtatious Conversation

Now if you are feeling that you two are deeply into each other and are comfortable talking on any topic, then a little bit of flirting is allowed for you. But keep in mind that you do not exaggerate it and is in the limits. Let’s look at some ways you can flirt with her.

1. Give Her A Complement

While complimenting her, keep it polite and genuine. You can tell her that you like her necklace, her laughter is contagious, or she has a beautiful smile. Do not overdo it as it may make her feel uncomfortable. Try these:
• You can tell her that-“You have the greatest smile, and there is something contagious about it.”
• Or you can say-“The dress is too cute, green suits you.”

2. Go For A Pickup Line

A pickup line can get the girl’s attention and can make her laugh. The primary ingredient for a pickup line is its confident deliver, thus, keep calm and compliment her!!

• If you want to give some quirky one try this-“I can’t think of anyone I’d rather survive the Zombie Holocaust with.”
• If you want something romantic-“Hi, I’m James. I think we have so much in common. What is your opinion on getting married?”
• For a flattery one, try this-“My friends bet me that I can’t talk to the most beautiful girl in the bar. How about a drink with some of their money?”

3. Do Not Forget Non-Verbal Cues

Non-verbal cues can be deal breakers. You can use some of the non-verbal cues such as your facial expressions or body language, and in this way you can turn a non-flirtatious comment into something romantic ones.

• Your body language should always be inviting and open. Always maintain the eye contact and keep smiling.
• You can go for a light touch on her arm or hand if you are telling any story. Doing so will help in creating an intimacy and will help you in passing through the friend zone area.
• At any cost, never use any negative body language such as scowling, looking down or crossing of your arms.

Now you know enough about starting a conversation with a girl. But only reading is not enough. As it is sad-“Everything comes at the expense of experience”, so go out and implement the tips in the real world and get the girl of your dreams. It will work for you.