What Do Men Want In A Relationship?

When it comes to relationships, men are often more hesitant than girls to talk about their needs and wants. They are less communicative when it comes to intimate relationships. They tend to be where can i buy viagra online the silent sufferers about their emotional needs. Whether you are a man who is reading it for himself or a woman who is reading this article for her beloved, it will help you in both ways. So, let’s put an end to the verbal shutdowns and needless fights due to miscommunication by knowing what do men want in a relationship? I have listed out certain major factors which you should understand and note down somewhere.

What Do Men Want In A Relationship?

what do men want in a relationship

1. Respect:

The first and the foremost need of every person in a relationship is to get respect. Everybody wants that his/her partner should respect him/her. If we will talk about men, for them the respect means love. If you respect him and trust his decisions while he is going through a bad phase, you will surely earn his care, love, and respect in return. As a partner, if you will not respect his mission in life, he will find it very difficult to be with you. The only way that he will choose at this time is to distance himself from you. Make sure you respect him truly and be with him during his tough times.

2. Approval and Praise:

We all know that men have egos. It is a natural fact that we all want to get praise about our career paths, about ourselves, our attractiveness and all from the one we love. Some people take their relationship very leniently and do not think that praising his partner is a necessary thing as far as you love him. But this is not truth. If you love someone, it is very important to make that person feel special at regular intervals of time.

It is true that men need less frequent verbal praise as compared to women, but that does not mean they are allergic of getting praised. So, ladies next time when you meet your man or even talk to him on the phone, tell him what makes him best from the rest and what you find attractive about him. Try to comment on his physical features and see a smile on his face. Make him understand how special you feel when he says something in a certain way. All these things will surely give him a feel good moment. The secret behind it is that the more you see and praise the positivity in him, the more he will improve to become a better person for you.

3. Emotional Intimacy:

From a very young age, men are taught that showing your emotional side in front of someone is a weakness. Due to this they generally do not show their emotional side in front of anyone. The only person he can trust with his emotional intimacy is his partner. He can tell her everything and even allow his partner to help him heal from that certain issue. He wants that his partner will understand his condition and love him. It takes time for men to open up emotionally in a relationship. Make sure that when he first cry in front of you, you will not handle it poorly. Act like a mature and understanding being and support him. If you fail to nurture him when he needs you the most, he will not be able to trust you anymore with his emotions. As a result, he will try to move away from the relationship.

So, make sure you handle this emotional side of your partner in the best way. By doing this, you will reach the next level of your relationship and your partner will trust you like anything.

4. Sexual Connection:

We all know that in a successful relationship both emotional and physical intimacy goes hand in hand. The main ingredients of a successful relationship are love, care, trust, sex, and communication. Sex and communication are the most important for men and women. We can also say that women connect better with the communication while men through sex. It does not mean that men always want sex with his intimate partner. It can be the indicators of sexuality that connects more than the sex. You must be thinking that what are the indicators of sex? Let me explain you this in a broader way.

The sensual touch or a deep kiss can sometimes make your partner feel loved and trusted. He feels that you are comfortable in front of him and he can rely on you for everything. The main reason for a fight is that women find it difficult to open up sexually with the man until she feels connected to him. On the other hand, man may find it difficult to communicate with the woman as they have not been physical. It is important for both the people to sit and talk about this issue and find a solution. This kind of problem can even lead to separation as both of them may find it difficult to survive with his/her partner.

5. Security:

Certainty in a relationship is very important. Both men and women are attracted towards it. The more a man feels that his partner will be with him, in the long run, the more he will try to open up with that person. It will make him feel that she is dedicated towards him and she is the only one for him who will love him till the end. This security will take the relationship to a different level. He will feel secure about the relationship and even build a confidence regarding his career. Due to this security, he will start thinking about a future with you and try to improve himself in terms of job and money to have a secure future. The security builds trust between the partners. For example, he will feel secure when you will allow him to party with his guy friends and build a sense of trust when you do not call or text him continuously regarding the same.

So, try to build this kind of security with your man and he will appreciate you and love you in the best possible way.

6. Space:

According to a great author Deborah Tannen, the thing which divides feminine and masculine is the intimacy and independence. In other words, the author wants to say, it is a proven fact in a study that females want to spend more time with her partner whereas the male partners want to spend more time apart. This does not mean that females care about the love more than the man. It is just the fact that men want to enjoy some alone time as compared to women. There is no perfect solution or balance for this problem. This act of separateness and closeness is always a concern between the partners.

Not giving a man his free time is like suffocating him from the relationship. It may end your relationship soon. A man needs a breathing room in a relationship which includes spending time with the friends, giving time to his hobbies and completing his projects. When a woman has to deal with a certain problem, she discuss it with her close friends or relatives. It is not the same case with men. Men want to solve their problem by spending some time alone with their thoughts. Do not try to indulge yourself or give unnecessary advice if he has not asked one from you. It can make things worse. So, let him breath, roam and leave him to his devices.

If you do not say anything about his this behavior, he will come back to you and appreciate you for trusting him with his situation. He will think that you trust his strength and have full faith on him. Make sure you give him space when he needs the most and you will experience a different kind of magic in your relationship.

7. Homemade Food:

It is a true saying that a man’s heart is connected to his stomach. He loves homemade food and the effort his partner has put to make the food tastier and healthier. Your guy will like it if you will cook the food for him but will never say it. He will think that by doing this he is expecting you to cook. Whether he tells you anything or not, try cooking for him. It will make him feel more special and loved. After coming from the office, when he will see that you have prepared something for him, he will feel that he is the luckiest person on earth. If you do not know cooking and are scared of cooking bad food for him. Start with simple things and take the help of cookery shows or books.

Your effort will surely give a fruitful result. You will make him feel happy by cooking for him. He will appreciate each and every bite of your food and trust me you will love it.

8. Take Good Care Of Yourself:

Do not misunderstand this point and try to turn yourself into something you are not. Just like your inner beauty, your physical beauty is also important. Your guy may not say it every time, but he would love it if his lady puts some effort to stay in great shape. Staying healthy and in good shape does not mean you need to look like Jennifer Lopez. Do not try to change yourself; just a little improvisation is enough. Your partner will love it when you keep your clothes clean and smell good. By looking at you, even he will try to do anything to stay in good shape so that you both will look perfect together.

So, try to maintain a proper diet and good shape so that you can compliment each other and can wear any kind of clothes.

9. Listener: 

No matter how much your man denies it but he loves when you listen to him and gives your expert opinion. You may not agree with it but sometimes your man do need a shoulder. As I have discussed earlier also that men think that showing emotions is a sign of weakness. So, the key to it is, knowing when he needs you the most as he will never show you. Make sure you understand him and try to be a good listener. This will carry forward your relationship in a good way.

10. Gifts:

They will never pretend like one, but they are surely the oversized kids. They just love getting gifts and need any kind of excuse for father’s day or Christmas to get gifts. You can gift such things to them that can interest them like some stuff for their car, any gadget or his favorite movie or series. Try getting gifts that interest him, do not think like a girl on this.

As usual they will not tell you about their likeness for the gifts but as soon as they will receive one, you can see the million dollar smile on their face. So, make sure you keep your partner surprising with some favorite gifts on different occasions.

11. Good Nature: 

The first thing that a man wants in a woman whom he wants to be in a relationship with is to have a good nature. The woman should be reliable, utterly responsible and very loyal. Most of the men thrives on routine and they just do not want to disturb their routine at any cost. They like surprises but do not like much of drama and conflict.

They want to feel relaxed in a relationship and do not want it to be a therapy for them. Your men will not appreciate you if you are trying to change his qualities. By this, it does not mean that he will not improvise himself. Men generally think of long term relationship with the women who are willing to make a home with them. So, try to be a good-natured person for the one you love and he will appreciate it.

These were some of things by which you will get to know what do men want in a relationship? Try these and enjoy your love life on a different level.